Specialized Doctors

Estevia Clinic ensures that you receive the best treatment ever with its experienced team of medical doctors, specialized on their area. After a through examination, our medical team decides on the treatments which will give you  the most effective results and carry the entire process in cooperation with you.

State Of Art Technology

Our clinic uses the latest technology that enables us to apply  the most succesfull hair transplantation and treatment techniques in the world. You can begin your treatment with peace of mind.

Integrated Hair Treatments

 Along with your hair transplantation many other treatments are at your disposal to prevent hair loss and strenghten the hair.

Special Non-Medical Services

Estevia Clinic provides excellent support for you and your family before and during your stay in Istanbul such as vip transfers and city tours, accommodation options, airport pick up and multilingual personal assistants in order to ensure you have an amazing treatment experience in Istanbul.

Give Your Hair A Second Chance With Estevia

You can stop hair loss with revolutionary treatments and state of art techniques

With its fully equipped hospital, professional and friendly staff and experienced medical team of doctors, Estevia provides many revolutionary aesthetic treatments. 
 All treatments such as hair implants, plastic surgeries and non surgical operations  are performed by this experienced team.
During all procedures state of art technology and techniques are utilized.

Non – Medical Services

In order your treatment experience Istanbul to be a great and unforgettable one, our team of specialist start to organize your all your needs as you like them. From the beginning till you leave they arrange your entire trip including accommodation, transfers, flights and many more.

Organisation of Your Trip

Estevia can arrange your entire trip from your city of residence taking into account your preferred dates and conditions with the most cost effective prices. You will not need to worry for airport pick up as well.

Flight Arrangements

With our contracted travel agencies we offer you the best flights all around the world.

Airport Pick Up

İstanbul airports are crowded ones. Never the less, upon your arrival we can pick you up and make sure you reach to your hotel comfortably.

Incity VIP Transfers

We can make all your transfers from your hotel to the hospital or any other point you wish with our special vito vehicles.

VIP Transfer Cars

Mercedes-Benz Vito for bigger families

Best Acccomodation Options

Estevia can arrange your accomodation via its contracted hotel network in order to ensure an amazing stay with the most cost effective prices.

Contracted Hotels

Along with our preferred partner Crown Plaza Hotels, we come along with many options to ensure a nice stay in İstanbul. Amongs many contracted hotel network we have, you can choose the one you like and  suits your budged the most.

Studio Flats

For large families or longer stays we offer fully equipped flats in order to make you feel at home.

Multilingual Staff

During your stay in Istanbul our multilingual staff will be at your service.  The call center is available 7/24 in order to answer any question you adress.

English, Arabic and many other languages

During your stay in İstanbul  our multilingual staff will be at your service . The call center is available 7/24 in order to answer any question you adress.

City and Culture Tours

During your treatment you can enjoy your stay in istanbul and make the best out of it. Upon request Estevia arranges daily tours to many favorite historical or shopping centers of the city such as The Grand Bazaar, the palaces and famous mosques .

Half Or Full Day Guided City Tours: Meet the historical capital of civilizations.

Boshphorus Tour : A view of İstanbul from the sea

7/24 Call Center

We are a phone call away for support and queries whenever you need

Mimarsinan Caddesi No:4-1A (Villa Belde Yanı)

Phone: +90 216 318 32 32

Fax: +90 216 557 83 98

Whatsapp: +90 553 798 79 89

Medical Hair Treatments

The reason for  hair rootloss is the roots which are sensitive to thestesteron hormone. This is rather a genetic issue. Todays medical techniques make it possibble to stop hair loss or with surgerical operations and find concrete solutions to hair loss.

Hair Transplant with FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is oe of the best  hair transplant method in which hair follicles are transplanted to a thinning or balding area from an area of denser hair typically located at  the back or side of the head using micro nedles.  Mostly the donor area does not get any scars after the operation and the results are very satisfactory

Hair Mesotherapy

It is an effective  treatment applied In order to prevent hair loss, improve hair quality, strenghten and thicken the thin hairs and to populate the hair. Hair Mesotherapy  provides the scalp with a medical enhancement with  specialized vitamin mixture. This increases the blood circulation in the area where hair lossoccurs thus enhances the hair quality and density.

Eyebrow and Mustache Restoration

In the cases of  scars of burning, surgery or other traumas on the face or genetic predisposition to thinning or absent facial hair, the option of restoration tretaments  may help to stimulate hair growth in the moustache and eyebrow area.

P.R.P Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a new method for the treatment of alopecia. It takes place by injecting activated plasma into the scalp; with the objective of stimulating the scalp to endorse hair growth.

Beard Implantation

With Direct Hair Implantation it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body and the face. These operations are being done with local anesthesia and usually painfree.

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The Advantages of Estevia Clinic Hair Treatments Center

Specialized Team Of Doctors

Estevia Clinic encorporates a team of medical doctors  specialised in hair treatment. This team is made of the most experienced doctors of the country  who has performed hundreds of hair transplantation operations. In order to make your hair transplantation a confortable and effective one they understand you the best and provide continious feedback before, during and after the operation.

Fully Equipped Hospital

Despite many hair transplantation centers Estevia Clinic has the state of art technology and all the equipment to perform any medical intervention  in case of necessity.

One Stop Shop Service

From the moment that you decide to have your treatment in Estevia Clinic our special team supports you in all ways . From your transfers to accomodation or any other issue that you need help, you can always have our support.