Hair Transplant with FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is oe of the best  hair transplant method in which hair follicles are transplanted to a thinning or balding area from an area of denser hair typically located at  the back or side of the head using micro nedles.  Mostly the donor area does not get any scars after the operation and the results are very satisfactory.

Hair Mesotherapy

For both men and women mesotherapy is an effective  treatment applied In order to prevent hair loss, improve hair quality, strenghten and thicken the thin hairs and to populate the hair.

Eyebrow and Mustache Restoration

In the cases of  scars of burning, surgery or other traumas on the face the or genetically predisposition to thinning or absent facial hair the option of restoration tretaments  may help to stimulate hair growth in the moustache ad eyebrow area.

Beard Transplant

With Direct Hair Implantation it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body and the face. Transplanted hair follicles are picked one by one to match the beard.  There is complete control of the depth and the direction of the implanted hair, achieving a nice and natural looking result.

P.R.P Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a new method for the treatment of alopecia.  10 cc of your blood is centrifuged and activated plasma is injected back to your scalf  inorder to stimulate the scalp to endorse hair growth.

Hair Transplant with PRP

This hair transplantation method which is supported with PRP technology creates very effective results. During the plantation the roots are restored in a special solution with P.R.P. and thus their vitality is ensured while the recuperation period after the operation significantly shortens.  

** Personal before and after photos of our patients regarding hair implantation operations and other plastic surgeries are being kept confidential due to the law of protecting personal information. You can fill in the communication form in order to request  visuals, get detailed information regarding the procedures and learn our prices. Our specialists will return back to you as soon as possibble.