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All on Six Dental Implants

The All on Six dental implant technique is an innovative procedure designed for individuals with complete toothlessness, involving the placement of six dental implants at specific angles, allowing for the use of a temporary dental prosthesis within three days. This method offers patients a permanent solution with just one surgical intervention, significantly improving their quality of life.

Features of the All on Six Treatment

The All on Six treatment provides complete toothless individuals with a fixed dental prosthesis within three days following the placement of implants, requiring only a single surgical procedure. This approach offers better distribution and support due to the higher number of implants, presenting a solution that eliminates the need for additional surgical procedures like sinus lifting or bone grafting, thereby accelerating the healing process. It is an ideal solution for individuals uncomfortable with or unable to use removable prostheses. Compared to traditional full dental prostheses, it is completed in fewer sessions, offering a significant advantage for patients residing in different cities or countries.

Who Can Receive All on Six Treatment?

Individuals without any serious health problems and with sufficient bone density can benefit from the All on Six treatment. This technique is suitable for cases requiring a wider support area, providing a quick and effective solution to a broad range of patients.

Stages of the Treatment

For the successful application of the All on Six treatment, patients must first undergo comprehensive clinical and radiological evaluation. Following detailed measurements made with the aid of Computerized Tomography (CT), a personalized plan is formulated for the patient. During the surgical procedure, six dental implants are placed in one jaw, and a temporary dental prosthesis is fitted within three days. Approximately three months later, once the integration of the bone and implants is complete, the permanent dental prostheses are applied to the patient.

Post-Treatment Expectations

As with any dental implant operation, pain and swelling are normal following the All on Six procedure. However, these side effects can be easily managed with medications recommended by the doctor.

Treatment Process and Aftercare

The All on Six procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, but sedation or general anesthesia options are also available for patients experiencing high levels of anxiety or fear. After the procedure, you can immediately start using your temporary prostheses. During the first three months, you will need to follow a special diet to support the integration process of the dental implants with the bone. Afterwards, you can enjoy your desired foods with your permanent prostheses.

Success Rate

Long-term follow-ups have scientifically proven that the All on Six treatment achieves high success rates. This method provides complete toothless patients with greater stability and support, offering a reliable and effective solution.

Risks and Complications

As with any surgical intervention, the All on Six procedure carries potential risks, including infection, failure of the implants, or incompatibility of the prosthesis. However, when performed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon, these risks are minimized.

The All on Six procedure restores the experience of eating, speaking, and smiling with natural teeth to individuals suffering from complete toothlessness. Before making a treatment decision, it is important to discuss your treatment options, potential risks, and expected outcomes carefully with a dentist.


The All on Six dental implant technique is a revolutionary dental procedure designed for individuals who are completely toothless. It involves placing six dental implants in the jaw at specific angles. These implants serve as a stable foundation for attaching a temporary dental prosthesis within just three days of the surgery, providing a permanent solution that significantly enhances the patient’s quality of life.

The All on Six treatment offers several advantages, including immediate provision of a fixed dental prosthesis within three days, elimination of the need for additional surgeries like sinus lifts or bone grafting due to better implant distribution and support, and a quicker overall treatment process beneficial for patients living far from their dental clinic. This technique is especially suitable for those who find removable prostheses uncomfortable or impractical.

Individuals without serious health issues and with sufficient bone density in their jaws are generally eligible for the All on Six treatment. It’s designed for completely toothless patients seeking a quick and effective solution to regain dental functionality and aesthetics. A thorough clinical and radiological evaluation is necessary to confirm a patient’s eligibility.

After the All on Six procedure, it’s normal to experience some pain and swelling, but these can be managed with prescribed medications. Initially, you’ll receive a temporary dental prosthesis that you can start using immediately. During the first three months, a special diet may be recommended to support the healing process. Once the implants have fully integrated with the bone, permanent prostheses are placed, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

While the All on Six procedure has a high success rate, offering enhanced stability and support for complete toothless patients, it carries some risks common to surgical interventions, such as infection, implant failure, or prosthesis incompatibility. However, these risks are minimized when the procedure is performed by experienced dental professionals. With proper planning and care, the All on Six dental implants provide a reliable and effective long-term solution for dental restoration.

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